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I got off the water from sailing today to 97 degrees AND a text, which said, “Do you want help putting your air conditioners in?”

Now, all the singles who live in vintage buildings know this… If there is a chore that screams, “Where is a big, strong man,” it’s dealing with these unwieldy monstrosities. Thank God for the angels in my life. And in this case, a big, strong one.

Ocho and I are going to sleep like rocks tonight.

2 comments on “It’s getting hot in here…

  1. Anne Rigby says:

    I’m so glad you had a friend to help you get those ACs in! Angels ARE Good in our lives.

    In my opinion, as a landlord myself, I believe your landlord should provide AC installation. In fact, I provide ACs! The installation service protects you (keeps you cool) and him/her (ensures the AC is installed properly, which protects the windows and also ensures no super-old ACs are used which could cause electrical problems.)

    This is just my humble opinion! Not sure how we mental telepathy this into your landlords’ head. I’m working on that.

    Your friend,


    1. the girl says:

      And the greatest landlord award goes to… 🙂


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