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It’s been an intense week. All good things. But intense. Lots of deadlines, onsite time with clients, and juggling some social/volunteer commitments. It’s left me feeling like my tank is a bit empty here on Friday eve.

Coming out of my ten week sabbatical this winter, I committed to not loosing site of the things that keep me grounded and happy in my life. Things like working out, cooking at home, getting lots of sleep (without the aid of sleeping pills), reading, time with friends, practicing guitar, and being a good mom to Ocho.

Sometimes the activities in the first paragraph are in complete conflict with the things in the second paragraph. If I’m being honest, the first paragraph won a little more than the second paragraph this week.

But instead of punishing myself and locking in on the fear that this week might mean I am right back where I started, I’m going to instead focus on something my guitar teacher said to me recently, “I’m only expecting and looking for incremental progress. And, that if I see that, it means that everything is possible.”

So here’s to progress… Even in the face of a very business-centered week,  I’m going to consider it a victory that I still got into the gym every morning this week, slept almost seven hours a night (sans drugs), ate 80% of my meals at home, and can report that Ocho is still standing (or actually lying at my feet).

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