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I’m not sure if you do this, but I fall victim to trying to fix everything at one time. Eat better. Get into the gym more. Get all the time in on the guitar I need.Stay in touch with my family. Get plenty of time in with friends. Get plenty of time on the water. Get plenty of sleep. Make sure Ocho is getting enough exercise and social interaction. Drink lots of water. Keep my clutter to a minimum. Oh, and meet the needs of all my client work.

I’ve been doing this my entire adult life. And when I am not aware of it, it leads me feeling depleted and empty. I hit a wall (again) this week. It’s been coming on slowly if I look back and really think about my energy level over the last couple weeks. Which, coincidentally is when we started the racing season.

I spend about 12 hours a week racing Rhubarb. So that’s 12 hours I can’t do other things. In the past I have not related to this 12 hours as time that requires an adjustment in all other parts of my life. DUH! So I get to the end of the summer totally exhausted with these little mini moments of exhaustion along the way.

Clearly, I need to sit down and figure out what has to go/get reduced for the summer. Time to start working my “just say no” muscles. If I don’t, the things that get sacrificed are the very things that will give me more time in the end–eating well, exercising, getting sleep, drinking water. Oh, the irony.



One comment on “Just say no

  1. trenapaulus says:

    That’s exactly what happened to me last year after 2 years of losing 8 hours a week to my commute and not adjusting AT ALL in other areas of my life : ( Good for you for noticing this in your own life!


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